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Solutronic Energy GmbH

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Solutronic Energy GmbH was founded in February 2014 after Shanghai Churui Energy Technology Co., Ltd., known as “ATFSS”, and the “Scheuerle Vermoegensverwaltung GmbH in Nuertingen acquired the rights of former Solutronic AG. The new company took over all activities, products and most of the employees of Solutronic AG and will concentrate mainly on research, development, production and sales of solar inverters, intelligent energy storage systems, generators and electronic components.

Besides the well-known SOLPLUS inverters, the company now focuses on new innovations in particular in the combination of integrated solutions with inverters, energy management systems, battery charging systems and energy storage solutions. Since the new partner ATFSS concentrates on energy storage systems and gas generators, Solutronic is one of the few companies in the world which can offer this combination out of one hand. In addition to above mentioned activities, Solutronic provides development services and licenses mainly to foreign markets.

The Solutronic and ATFSS team have a wealth of experience in the energy sector to include; renewable energy, grid integration, energy storage systems as well as in automation control engineering and process technology.

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